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Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - During a press conference at the airport this morning were announced the annual results and proposed various plans for 2017. To address the growing number of destinations and meet the additional capacity from TUI, the airport together with its partner Erasmus Catering Services invest in the departure lounge on airside while rolling out an innovative F & B concept.


Results 2016 Ostend-Bruges

The number of passengers that has used the airport, Ostend-Bruges increased with 57.6% in 2016 compared to 2015. In 2016 there were more passengers each month recorded compared to the same month in 2015, reaching a peak for the months of March and April, the airport welcomed 100,000 additional passengers. Several airlines including TUI, a lot of flights operated from Ostend as an alternative to the airport of Zaventem. Cargo traffic increased by 32% relative to 2015, however, the number of movements decreased by 8.4%.

20 years TUI Airport Ostend-Bruges - 20 destinations


In 2016 TUI celebrated her 20th birthday at Ostend Airport, the destination of Alicante which was introduced in 1996 from the Ostend airport turns 20 years later a hit. This destination indeed proves to be the most popular destination from Ostend (accounting for 30 580 passengers in 2016).

Beginning in April 2017 TUI will launch its 20th destination from Ostend Airport with two flights a week to Eskisehir in Turkey. "The growing popularity of Ostend situates itself far beyond the borders of West Flanders. Also in the region of East Flanders, Hainaut and the French Nord-Pas-de-Calais discovered the traveler increasing the strengths of our small, easily accessible airport. "Says Dirk Van Holsbeke, General Manager TUI Belgium.

Future of Ostend-Bruges airport

 The obvious impact of the effect of 22 March at regional airports and the increasing demand of passengers to fly from regional airports, major investments will bring in 2017. The exterior of the terminal will get a much-needed renovation and € 1,000,050 will be invested in the new departure airside. The security zone is increased, there is a VIP lounge and airside passengers are able to enjoy several catering options, and shopping facilities. The new partner of the airport is Erasmus Catering Services in Rotterdam. A company with almost 80 of years’ experience in the catering world, both in terms of airline catering and cafes / restaurants. Marcel Buelens, CEO of Ostend-Bruges airport: "We are extremely pleased to partner as Erasmus Catering Services. They have a lot of experience in the field of airports and airline-companies and I am confident that together we will rise to a next level airport. Further Ostend airport will use the necessary tools to its cargo operations and general aviation to expand operations.

Mayor Johan Vande Lanotte: "The city Ostend follows the progression of Ostend Airport closely, a three weekly meeting with me, the airport management and the Economic House We see that there is progress in several areas this is important to us... because this creates additional direct and indirect employment.

Icing on the cake

Many of Ostend have wondered in the past year what would exactly happen to the former restaurant Charles Lindberg at Nieuwpoortsesteenweg. Erasmus Catering Services will also invest in this building. Besides a thorough renovation of the current building, a catering production unit will be built which will be responsible for the supply of aircraft and the F & B section of the departures airside.


Pax numbers













Cargo (ton)















Best month 2016
april (96.448 passagiers)

Best destination 2016              
Alicante (TUI)

Number of employees 2016  
115 directly

Ostend-Brugge airport

Ostend-Bruges International Airport is part of the French group Egis and consists of a LEM-LOM management structure. It Egis is responsible for the commercial operation of the airport (LEM), government (LOM) is responsible for the basic infrastructure. An important part of the activity of the airport are focused on freight transport. In addition to cargo flights are also scheduled flights with TUI main airline. The airport is also available for private flights, business trips, training flights and ad hoc. In 2016, counted from Ostend-Bruges International Airport, 434 970 passengers, an increase of 57.6% compared to 2015.

About TUI

- TUI is the largest Belgian tourism brand, which over 2.3 million passengers entrusted their holiday last year.

 - TUI is with 3.7 million passengers (2015), the 2nd largest carrier in the country. - TUI has a network of 95 travel agencies.

 - TUI Belgium employs over 2200 staff members in our country.

- TUI Belgium groups the Belgian travel activities of TUI Group, the largest tourism group in the world.

About Erasmus Catering Services

Erasmus Catering Services was founded in 1940 and launched in 1956 its catering operations at the Rotterdam airport. The catering activities were soon expanded to include airline catering, therefore an ultramodern catering production unit was built in 2000 at the Rotterdam airport. In 2014 Brasserie Waalhaven opened on a unique location with a view of the runway from Rotterdam Airport. In 2017 Erasmus Catering Services will introduce several catering concepts at the airport Ostend-Bruges.


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Erasmus Catering Services starts at Ostend - Bruges airport


Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - During a press conference at the airport this morning were announced...

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