Brasserie de Waalhaven

Being the first civil aviation airport (1920) of the Netherlands Airport Waalhaven has been destroyed during the bombardment of Rotterdam on may the 10th 1940. 74 years later a replica of the original café-restaurant Waalhaven opened his doors at Rotterdam the Hague Aiport.

Alongside the runway of Rotterdam the Hague Airport you will find Brasserie de Waalhaven.
This unique location in which you can find  a collection of photos, stories and objects of the original setting of Airport Waalhaven will bring you back in time.

Situated close and with full view on the runway Brasserie de Waalhaven is an extraordinary place to savour lunch or diner. The location is easy to reach from highways and by public transport and sufficient parking facilities are present. A large sunny terrace and playground will be a guarantee for a day out for couples, groups or the whole family


The unique and nostalgic ambiance at Brasserie de Waalhaven together with the extraordinary location will be a perfect start for any event. 

Several rooms can accommodate small or larger groups. Organization and decoration will be to your preferences and all modern facilities are present such as wifi, conference-call or video presentation are present.

Meeting / Conference / Training sessions / Private lunch or Dining Event

At ground level two rooms (max 14 guests) can be found that are perfectly suitable for meetings, Conferences or can be prepared for an atmospheric private lunch or dining.

Parties, Receptions, Launches, Lunch, BBQ or Dining Event 

For large groups two spacious rooms can be merged to accommodate 20 up to 250 guests. Together with a rooftop terrace with view over the runway this will be a sensational place for any event.

Parties up to 500 guests will be no problem as we will decorate the terrace as well 

Children’s Birthday Party 

Watching airplanes taking off or landing at a distance you can almost touch them? Listen how the pilots communicate with the tower over the radio?
Together with treats, lemonade and a playground adjacent to the building children will have a birthday to remember.    


Brasserie de Waalhaven is an unique location to celebrate the most important day of your life.
The location will be decorated and organization will be perfect in every detail.
Brasserie de Waalhaven meets every requirement by Dutch law for organizing weddings. Even all paperwork will be arranged by us so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Other catering Events 

Of course any theme or catering event can be discussed. 


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